Our Projects

Start Cycling, Keep Cycling, Love Cycling

We really believe that cycling can transform lives. Everybody knows that cycling is convenient, healthy, low stress, low cost, low carbon, sociable and community-friendly.

Combine all these benefits and you have a fantastic way to get around, run errands and experience life.

We want to help as many people as possible experience these benefits, but we know it can be hard to get started... and that's why Life Cycle is here.

Practical projects to help more people cycle

We support people of all ages and abilities to get cycling through a number of simple, effective services. These include:

Inclusive Cycling Projects

Life Cycle runs several 'inclusive' cycling projects that are specifically designed to make cycling accessible to disadvantaged and marginalised groups. Many of our participants need additional support to unlock the benefits of cycling - but after taking part in a Life Cycle project say that being able to cycle independently has an enormously positive impact on their lives:

"Although I could ride a bike, I’d never have gone on the road on my own.  It gave me confidence. It was smashing.  Its given me a new outlook on life".  Ken

Read more about our fantastic projects by clicking on the links to the left or by downloading our Case Studies below:

Tandem Project

Mental Wellbeing

Over 55's