Who we are

Life Cycle UK is a registered charity (1077575) that has been transforming lives through cycling since 1999.

Our Philosophy

We believe that cycling has a central role to play in improving individual lives, local communities and the environment.  The bicycle is a perfect form of transport.  It has minimal impact on the local environment, which means it doesn’t contribute to congestion, pollution or the general degradation to our urban environments.

It allows people to travel, easily, conveniently around their locality to access jobs, education, local services, to visit friends, engage in community life and feel connected to their surroundings.  It is an affordable from of independent travel that is accessible to most able bodied people, and some disabled people;  it offers a non-weight bearing form of exercise, allowing people of all ages to keep physically active; and it helps people maintain good mental health.  

Our Activities

Life Cycle’s work is underpinned by our belief that cycling is an inherently simple, safe and easy activity.  However, this view isn’t shared by everyone and many people believe that cycling is dangerous.

Our role is to demonstrate that cycling is not dangerous and that with the right skills, people can cycle safely and confidently. We help change attitudes and behaviour towards cycling by giving people the skills and confidence they need to cycle safely.  

We also offer practical, targeted support to individuals with disabilities, mental health illness, offenders, isolated older people and disadvantaged young people through a range of “Inclusive Cycling Projects”.

Our Reach

Life Cycle UK is based in Bristol but operates in locations across England including: Derby, Bournemouth, Swindon, Bath and North Somerset.

Our work is consistently found to give “exceptional social return on investment” (University of Bristol 2013, University of Surrey & University of Brighton 2016) and across all our services, we work with over 4,000 people each year.