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Who we are

Life Cycle UK is a registered charity (1077575) that was founded in 1999 and now works with 9,000+ people a year.

We believe that cycling has a central role to play in improving individual lives, local communities and the environment. 

The bicycle doesn’t contribute to congestion, pollution or the general degradation to our urban environments.  It allows people to travel easily, conveniently and cheaply to access jobs, education, services - and to visit friends, engage in community life and feel connected to their surroundings.  It is an affordable from of independent travel accessible to most able bodied people, and some disabled people; it offers a non-weight bearing form of exercise, allowing people of all ages to keep physically active; and it helps people maintain good mental health. 

Increasing levels of cycling has a key part to play in tackling the Climate Emergency, Air Pollution Crisis and Obesity Epidemic.

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Our Mission

We help more people get cycling, to transform lives and the environment.

What we do

To achieve this, we:

  1.  Offer people access to working bicycles
  2.  Help people gain the skills and confidence to cycle wherever they want, whenever they want
  3.  Offer extra support to anyone who faces barriers to unlock the benefits of cycling
  4.  Strengthen the cycling sector: we train new bike mechanics, cycle instructors and partner with Local Authorities, businesses and other charities looking to boost cycling levels.

Our Approach

We work with people to offer practical support to help them cycle, in ways that can scale up and be replicated elsewhere. We want to build independence, not dependence, and help people continue to benefit from cycling beyond our direct involvement.

We are passionate about working in a way that maximises social value and treat everyone with honesty, decency, openness and respect. We strive for excellence in everything we do, but we aren’t afraid to try new things. We are bold. We are open minded. We are always learning

Our Values – we believe:

  • More cycling is vital for better physical, mental and environmental health
  • Cycling can be safe, affordable and practical for most short journeys
  • With the right support, almost anyone can cycle

We run projects in the West of England, Swindon, Aylesbury, Hereford, Bournemouth & Derby. We are always interested to hear from potential new partners.

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