Mayoral hopefuls discuss cycling at packed hustings

Very bad photo of hustings at Burges Salmon

Over 100 people attend the joint hustings meeting organised by Life Cycle, along with the Bristol Cycling Campaign and Sustrans.

The meeting heard Marvin Rees (Labour), George Ferguson (Bristol First), Jon Rogers (LibDem), Geoff Gollop (Conservative), Daniella Radice (Green), and Neil Maggs (Respect) give their views on a range of cycling issues raised by the audience on the night.

Graeme Willgress' inspiring Ride 2 Recovery talk

Life Cycle UK's, Bike Minded project joined forces with Graeme Willgress last night for a special mental well-being event organised by the Bristol Cycling Campaign.

Graeme gave an open and inspiring talk about his struggles with poor mental health and how a chance encounter with a couple of cycle tourers led him to rediscover the joys of cycling. He spoke about the journey which eventually led him to embark on a solo 4000 mile cycle ride around the coast of the UK mainland in 2011.

Cycling in Bristol - what Mike Ginger, travel planner and cycling star thinks we need

Mike Ginger is a local cycling legend. He used to be a cycling officer at both Bristol City Council and before that, Avon County Council. Some think he has done more than anyone to kick start the resurgence in cycling in Bristol. He now works as a travel plan co-ordinator, and, in response to the interviews with mayoral candidates that we have published, we have asked him for what he thinks needs to be done to promote cycling. Here is his response.


Promoting cycling to work.

Cycling Interviews: Neil Maggs, Respect candidate

Neil, who, for now at least, is the last candidate we will interview, is the Respect Party candidate. Rather than complete the questionnaire, he has sent us a summary of his views.

I am a cyclist, I commute and ride for leisure, but I am not a lycra wearing speedster. I agree that we need to encourage cycling right across the city and amongst all ages and sections of the community. However I will also concede to the occasional use of a pavement - its unavoidable in some circumstances and these need addressing.