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Take A Stand®

Take a Stand® is a well-established scheme which helps Local Authorities to get good quality cycle parking installed in their communities. This helps reduce bike theft and makes cycling easier and more convenient for local people.

How does it work?

Under the scheme small businesses, voluntary and community groups and other small organisations who want to encourage more cycling, can apply for a limited number of robust steel cycle parking stands (often called "Sheffield Stands") to install outside their premises.  Life Cycle processes applications, for those eligible, delivers the stands; the organisation is responsible for installation. Life Cycle carries out post-installation monitoring to assess the impact of the stands on cycling levels. 

Is it effective?

Life Cycle has been delivering Take a Stand® on behalf of a number Local Authorities for several years. Our monitoring shows: 

  • 90% of recipients tell us bike security at their premises has improved
  • 100% of recipients tell us stands are used regularly 
  • 100% of recipients are happy with the service they receive from us

Current Local Authority clients: 

  • Bath and North East Somerset 
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol
  • Derby
  • Swindon

Benefits to Local Authorities

Take a Stand® is a simple, cost-effective and hassle free way for Local Authorities to increase cycling levels.  Life Cycle manages all stages of the process including sourcing stands, marketing, assessing applications, delivering and follow-up monitoring.


We deliver Take a Stand® at highly competitive prices and can tailor the contract size to whatever your budget. For more information please contact us. 

To find out more

If you're a Local Authority interested in commissioning Take a Stand® call 0117 353 4580 or email office@lifecycleuk.org.uk

Small organisations in existing scheme areas can apply for stands here.