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the low down

Bike Minded summer roundup, 2017


‘Bike Minded’ is the name of our programme of friendly, group bike rides that support people to improve their mental and physical wellbeing through cycling.

This summer, we really made the most of the longer, warmer days - offering a varied programme of activities additional to our regular group rides. Here's a selection of what the group got up to:

Help beat Bristol’s congestion blues: Take a Stand®!

It’s no secret that Bristol has car issues. The sheer volume of vehicles means we’ve outgrown our roads and we live in a city of tailbacks and polluted air. And parking? Don’t even mention parking – here it’s become a dirty word.

Whilst there’s no quick-fix solution, there is a quiet revolution going on in one of the UK’s most cycle-friendly cities:

Growing up in the saddle

It’s a sunny day at Lockleaze Adventure Playground (or, the ‘Vench’), and you can hear the laughter and excited screams of children playing. A game of ‘lasso’ is underway: children are zipping around on bikes, trying to avoid being ‘lassoed’ by inflated inner tubes thrown, Frisbee-style, by Life Cycle volunteers Dan and Steve.

Life Cycle wins Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

Life Cycle is absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary service. This is the highest award given to groups across the UK to recognise outstanding work done by volunteers in their communities. The awards were created in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and winners are announced each year on 2 June – the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation.

Poppy Brett, the Chief Executive said,

Two wheels for freedom of mind

People with mental ill health can find themselves juggling a complex variety of clinical interventions, or, increasingly, without any support at all. However, there is an important - but often forgotten - middle ground: non-clinical activities that can effectively complement, or even replace, medical treatment.

Community support is a vital piece of the puzzle

Top Tips for a Healthy Workforce

A healthy workforce is more productive, takes less sick leave, and is less stressed, but it can be hard for busy people to squeeze exercise into their daily routine.

Life Cycle's top-tip is to encourage staff to cycle to and from work, allowing them to get their daily exercise whilst they commute.  

Sounds easy.  But we know lots of people are scared to cycle.  That’s why Life Cycle teaches people skills and helps them gain the confidence they need to commute by bike. 

Riding Free

Steve grew up fully sighted, but in his 30s he experienced a gradual deterioration in his vision that eventually left him completely blind. In his 40s, Steve found himself spending a lot of time alone in his flat, feeling lonely, isolated and unhappy. 

Then, one day, he heard about a scheme run by Life Cycle UK called “Two’s Company” that enlisted the help of sighted volunteers to allow the blind and visually-impaired to go out cycling on the back of tandems.