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Bristol ride of the week 1

Woman riding over bridge with child in tow


A quick note on riding during COVID-19 conditions

At the time of writing (14th April 2020) people are being encouraged to leave the house for exercise once a day - provided it is either alone or with people from their household.

We hope that anyone who wants to cycle is able to. We understand that there may be some confusion about what is allowed under Government guidelines - and what is safe, depending on your health status. Our advice is:

Coronavirus update

Easing of Covid restrictions

Last updated: 3rd March 2021

Click on the services below for the latest updates. Whilst some remain suspended until later in the spring, you may be able to book for later in the year. In line with the Government’s approach to easing restrictions, the dates below may be subject to changes in Government guidelines.

Guide Dogs and Tandems


Our “Two’s Company” project organises joyful days out riding tandems for visually impaired adults and children. We are so lucky to have a team of dedicated volunteers who ride at the front so that our visually impaired riders can enjoy liberating, life-enhancing experiences on two wheels.

So how do you become a Two’s Company volunteer?

Our volunteers are sociable, friendly, keen cyclists - and want to give something back. We offer full training to anyone who joins our volunteer team – and that’s where the Guide Dogs come in!

The other side of the gate: Jimmy’s story

Jimmy had been in prison for 3 years. He had committed a non-violent crime and had been given ‘D Category’ status and transferred to HMP/YOI Sudbury, a resettlement prison. Sharon, HMP Sudbury’s Business & Community Engagement Manager, told him about the opportunity to volunteer for Life Cycle Derby under the Ministry of Justice’s ‘Release on Temporary License’ scheme*.

Returning to cycling

As our six-week 'Returning to Cycling' programme draws to a close, Bike Minded coordinator, Patrick Tumilty, reflects on a successful start to the New Year...

When Christmas’ festivities are over, many of us choose the New Year to try something new. This may mean sashaying to a Samba class or signing up for French lessons. January can signal the perfect time to train for your first 5km run or give you the resolve to reduce your meat intake.