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the low down

Mass Cycling for the next Generation

Cycling is on the increase in Bristol, and based on the age range of people who have cycle training, I’d hazard a guess that growth is greatest amongst 30 - 40 year olds.  This is of course fantastic, but if we’re really going to transition towards Dutch levels of mass cycling, it’s the next generation that needs the greatest boost.  Whilst around 2,000 children aged 10 – 11 receive cycle training in Bristol each year, the numbers who actually go on to cycle regularly are much lower.   

Does having a bike really help get someone back into employment?

Being a keen advocate of cycling, as you might imagine, I am always surprised to hear that other people aren’t quite so convinced about the benefits of bike ownership and use.  Life Cycle is working closely with Derby City Council on their Connected programme, which aims to promote sustainable transport and economic development; one of the ways it is doing this is to offer suitable job-seekers a refurbished bike to help them access jobs, training and interviews.

Pratical support makes a difference

Last year was a really positive year for cycling with more and more people taking to the road by bike. But sadly it ended with a series of terrible accidents, mainly in London, but a couple in Bristol that resulted in the tragic death of cyclists.  Inevitably, these incidents lead to questions being raised about the safety of all cyclists; and the challenge for Life Cycle and everyone who is passionate about cycle promotion, is how to persuade the public that cycling isn’t dangerous?