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Supported Group Rides

Cycling is a healthy, sociable, low-stress, low-cost, and low-carbon way to get around, exercise, and experience life.

Our Inclusive Cycling Projects help those who need a little extra support to unlock the many wellbeing benefits of cycling

  • Cycle Buddies - Life Cycle UK is running a free "Cycle Buddy" scheme that pairs new or returning cyclists with confident older cyclists in their local neighbourhood.
  • Get cycling! - Our six-week cycle courses are for adults in Bristol who are new or returning to cycling.  Each course is relaxed, fun, and taught by our friendly Cycling Instructors.
  • Over 55s - Our Over 55s cycling group offers a programme of regular bike rides for people who want to get active and explore new places in friendly company.
  • Supported Leisure Rides - These rides are for adults who want to get active or try something new after lockdown but don’t have the confidence to cycle alone or join a cycling club.
  • Tandem Rides - "Two’s Company" opens up a whole new world for people who are visually impaired or disabled by giving them the opportunity to get out on the back of a tandem bicycle and enjoy the sounds and smells of the countryside.
  • Youth Project - Our 'Bike Generation' project engages with young people in Bristol and inspires them to get active, broaden their horizons and learn new skills through fun cycling activities and bike maintenance sessions.