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Ice - Statistics and Case Studies


These statistics come from information collected through a survey carried out on the Better by Bike website. 1016 responses were received (plus 3 responses received/collected separately). This is a self-selecting sample, albeit slightly larger in size than those used in national opinion polls.

The survey asked people to supply information on the causes of what the NHS terms as 'non-collision incidents'. The rest of this section gives headline responses from the survey. Most common causes It will be seen from the table that one in four incidents occur as a result of slipping on ice. Given that icy weather occurs on only a few days a year, this is a startling result. It also occurs over three times as often as any other cause.

Journey purpose:

It can be seen that over half of journeys (for which there was an incident) were the commute to or from work.

Severity of injury:

It can be seen that around 30% of incidents resulted in some sort of hospital treatment, and around 6% resulted in serious injury. Other statistics say 65.3% of respondents were male, 29.0% female. (Others did not complete the survey). 8.4% of respondents were aged 24 or under. 65.4% were aged 25-49. 93% of respondents were white British.

Case studies and full report

Case studies can be downloaded here. The full report can be downloaded here.