Life Cycle's Impact Report

I am really pleased to present Life Cycle’s Impact Report for 2013/14. We started putting these reports together three years ago, in order to demonstrate the impact of the work we are doing, and are particularly pleased to be able to show year on year increases in the numbers of people getting involved in our services and taking up cycling.  The report is only a snapshot into our work, but designed to show that we are having an impact and making a difference to people’s lives.

Proving that an organisation is having an effect or impact on its clients it always tricky.  We are constantly gathering data on the numbers of people taking part in our activities, and whilst this is useful,  it is of course important to remember that the difference you make to someone’s life can’t be measured in numbers.  These numbers are one part of the picture; they help us tell the story and demonstrate that people are using and benefiting from our services and projects.  What the numbers don’t do is describe the difference the service has made and so we also work hard to find this out from the many people we work with.

To do this requires a masterclass in sleuthing!    Some people are quite reluctant to talk about their lives and how a service has helped them, and it can be hard to ‘ask’ for our project staff too!  We often find that the really interesting stories are hidden in the middle of a sentence or dropped into a seemingly mundane conversation .  We do also send out feedback forms and ask people to tell us how they have benefitted from a service and we do receive some good feedback this way, but not everyone completes and returns a form. 

The feedback we receive is almost always positive.  Crucially it tell us we are doing a good job;  it motivates staff and makes them feel proud that their hard work is achieving positive outcomes;  and of course longer term it enables us to secure funding so that we can continue to support people to cycle and improve their quality of life as a result.   So please have a look at our Impact Report for last financial year… and don’t forget to send us your feedback!