Bristol Schools Training

Life Cycle UK delivers Bikeability Level 2 and Level 3  training to Bristol school children on behalf of Bristol City Council and every year we train hundreds of children, improving their skills and confidence.

Who is it for?

The Level 2 on road training is available for children in schools years 5 and 6 only. The Level 3 Advanced training is for students in schools years 7, 8 & 9.

How does it work?

Level 2

We run courses for groups of 10 children at a time, led by 2 National Standard Instructors. We can deliver 2 courses in the morning and/or one in the afternoon. The training is usually run over 5 x 1.5hr sessions to embed the children's learning. We can adapt the courses to fit in with the school calendar & timetable.

Level 3

The syllabus is 6 hours of study for groups of 6 students with 2 National Standard Instructors. The advanced nature of the training and busier roads and junctions used requires the higher ratio. The training is normally deliverd over 3 x 2hr sessions. We can adapt the courses to fit in with the school calendar & timetable.


Thanks to Bristol City Council, this training is completely FREE to schools.


“the training was fine-tuned to accommodate the different abilities and really allowed the children to reach their potential...the trainers were very professional and flexible” - Ashton Park Primary

"the training went very smoothly, there was no disruption to school life at all" - St Bede's Catholic College

How to book

Complete the form below or call Frances on 0117 353 4580.


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