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Schools Training

We are funded to deliver a range of Bikeability training on behalf of Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council and Swindon Borough Council. Please note that the offer in each Council area depends on our contract.

Who is it for?

Level 1 off road training is available for children in school year 4

Level 2 on-road training is available for children in schools years 5 and 6 only. The Level 3 Advanced training is for students in schools years 7, 8 & 9.

How does it work?

Level 1 

We run courses for groups of 12 children at a time, led by 1 National Standard Instructor. 

The course is based in the playground where children learn basic bike skills required to progress to Level 2.  

Level 2

We run courses for groups of 12 children at a time, led by 2 National Standard Instructors.

The course begins on local roads and aim to develop and progress their skills while creating a real cycling experience. 

Level 3

We run courses for groups of 6 children at a time, led by 2 National Standard Instructors. 

The course will take place on more complex traffic systems including, speed limits above 30mph, multi lane roads and roundabouts. 


Bikeability is currently offered free of charge to schools and parents in North Somerset and Swindon.

In Bristol, there is a required contribution of £10 per pupil for Level 2 training and £5 per pupil for Level 1 training. Many schools use their Sports Premium grant.


“The training was fine-tuned to accommodate the different abilities and really allowed the children to reach their potential...the trainers were very professional and flexible” - Ashton Park Primary

"The training went very smoothly, there was no disruption to school life at all" - St Bede's Catholic College

How to book

Complete the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you're having trouble filling out the form - or you have a question that wasn't answered on this page - please contact frances@lifecycleuk.org.uk. Otherwise please fill out this form to request a session. Please note, we cannot accept bookings by email.


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