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Think twICE

The web pages here are all part of Life Cycle UK's 'Think Twice' campaign. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the hazards of cycling in icy conditions and to offer information and resources to help cyclists make informed decisions. There are different solutions for the different situations cyclists come up against. We believe the key is for them to be prepared for icy weather, and to have access to the information necessary to make the best decision on how to deal with it. To Think Twice, in fact......

These pages are intended to act as a good practice guide for how cyclists can react. Some background information 'Better By Bike' has been running a survey collecting information about what are termed 'non-collision incidents' involving cyclists. Results indicated that one in 4 non-collision incidents for cyclists occur when they slip on ice. This number is far higher than any other cause of non-collision incident, especially given that these incidents occur on just a few days of the year. While most of these incidents don't cause harm of any lasting nature to the cyclist, a few result in serious injury and in one tragic case, a fatality. Please follow the links below further information