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Get Somerset Cycling

We’re bringing an exciting set of cycling activities and support to “Get Somerset Cycling!” Scroll down and click the links to find out what’s on offer.


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How are we funded?

Life Cycle UK has received charitable grants from the HPC Community Fund, Somerset Community Foundation and National Grid Community Grant Programme to help more people in Somerset to unlock the benefits of cycling and bikes. By enabling people to make more short journeys by bike, we can help to mitigate the residual impacts of building the Hinkley Point C power station - such as increased volumes of traffic - while improving the economic and environmental well-being of local communities.  

We have joined with local community organisations across Somerset to develop and deliver projects that support local people to get cycling and make the benefits of cycling more accessible. We will also strengthen the ‘cycling sector’ by giving professional training to bicycle mechanics and cycling instructors. 

Our aim is for everyone in Somerset to be able to access to this healthy, green and low-cost form of transport if they want to.


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