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Free Cycle Parking

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We provide free, secure cycle stands to small businesses and community organisations, thanks to funding from your local authority. Installing cycle parking is a great way to give back to your local community whilst driving footfall to your premises. To apply for your free Sheffield stands through our Take a Stand® scheme, fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs. Before applying we advise you check your eligibility and make sure your premises are suitable for cycle stands. For more information, use the menu below to browse our page.

We are still offering this service during the lockdown period.

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  1. Why fit cycle stands?

  2. Why Sheffield stands?

  3. What do they cost?

  4. How many can I get?

  5. Who can apply?

  6. How do I apply?

  7. How are they installed?

  8. Megawatt Community Energy Fund



Why fit cycle stands?

“We love our new cycle stand! It contributes to the sense of community in the area, encouraging fitness and helping the environment. Customers with bikes are now at ease leaving their bikes outside the shop, giving them more time to browse and try things on” – Alice, Paper Plane.

Boost footfall to your business

Studies show that cyclists spend more in local shops than motorists. Having secure cycle parking on your doorstep is a great way to boost footfall.

Happier, healthier staff

Being a cycle-friendly employer enables your staff to save money on transport, take daily exercise and avoid traffic jams.

Boost your “green credentials”

It's simple: More cycling means fewer cars on the road. Studies have shown that 'going green' is good for business too.

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Why Sheffield stands?

Secure parking is a key concern for anyone visiting your premises. 

Sheffield stands are made of a thick stainless or galvanized steel tube bent into the shape of a square arch. These stands are sturdy and secure, minimising the risk of tampering and theft. 

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What do they cost?

We supply and deliver cycle stands free of charge to small businesses and organisations.  

If your organisation does not qualify for the scheme, we also sell sink-in stands from £65 and bolt-down stands from £75. Click here to purchase cycle stands on our website.

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How many can I get?

Each stand can park two bikes securely.

Local Authority Area How Many Stands?
Bath & NE Somerset 2 maximum
Bristol 4 maximum
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole 5 maximum
Derby 5 maximum
Herefordshire (free installation included) 4 maximum
Swindon 4 maximum
North Wiltshire 2 maximum

Not sure if you are in a qualifying area? Enter your postcode to confirm your Local Authority.

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Who can apply?

The subsidy is open to small organisations who may not have a budget for cycle parking, for example:

  • Small, local businesses such as independent shops, pubs, and dental surgeries. 
  • Private landlords who want to protect their property interior from bike marks and scuffing. 
  • Voluntary sector and community organisations such as charities or places of worship. 

We can’t offer free stands to state-funded institutions such as schools or fire stations, or large corporate businesses. Click here to buy Sheffield stands online.

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How do I apply?

Simply fill out our online form and we'll get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We'll check your eligibility and make sure your premises are suitable for cycle stands. We will also check you have ordered the right type of stands for the surface you plan to put them on. Click here to read our guide to installation.

We will then arrange the delivery. You must install the stands within three months at an accessible location off the public highway.

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How are they installed?

We do not install stands, apart from in Hereford. However, the installation is not difficult. We have provided some guidelines below, but we advise you to read our full guidelines here.

We offer two types of stand:

1.  Sink-in
These stands are suitable for all surfaces including tarmac, block paving, slabs or similar. You’ll need to dig two holes, then concrete the posts into position. This is the most popular type of stand.

2.  Bolt down
These stands are only suitable for smooth, solid concrete surfaces. You cannot bolt stands onto any other surface. The stands are fastened down using 12mm expansion bolts which are supplied with your stands.

Before applying, please plan in advance where your stands will go:

  • Stands must be installed within the boundaries of a participating local authority.
  • We cannot normally give you free stands if their provision forms part of a planning application.
  • You may not be able to install cycle stands near a listed building or in a conservation area. If in doubt, check with us.
  • Stands should not be installed on the public highway.
  • You should either be the owner of the land on which stands are installed, or have the permission of the owners.


When siting bicycle parking it is crucial that you allow enough space. If bicycles are rammed next to each other or if the stands are too close to a wall, the parking will be awkward to access and as a result is unlikely to be used. 

Ensure that the stands are far enough away from walls and each other (see our full installation guidelines) to allow a bicycle to be locked on both sides. There needs to be adequate room for the wheel to stick out of the end without causing an obstruction. 

Always ensure cycle parking is clearly visible to visitors, in a well-lit area and preferably overlooked by windows. Cycle stands that are hidden away are more likely to be targeted by thieves.

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Megawatt Community Energy Fund

To help small organisations in Bristol who have been significantly impacted by COVID-19, we can now supply, deliver and install up to two Sheffield Stands, free of charge. Thanks to funding from the Megawatt Community Energy Fund, smaller organisations can contribute towards cleaner air and healthier communities in Bristol - by supporting and enabling cycling.

Who can apply?

To qualify your organisation must have:

  • An annual income of between £10,000 and £1m AND have been significantly impacted by COVID-19, OR:
  • Received a grant from the West of England Discretionary Fund in 2020, OR:
  • An annual income of less than £10,000.

We can’t offer free stands to state-funded institutions such as state schools or fire stations, or large corporate businesses. 

For more information about our Take a Stand® scheme and for full terms & conditions click here.

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