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North Somerset Holiday Courses

We run Bikeability Level 3 courses during the school holidays to teach small groups of children and young people to cycle safely on the roads.

What does it cover?

Level 3 courses teach young people to master challenging junctions, negotiate multi lane roads and do basic route planning. Maximum group size is 6 young people, with 2 cycle instructors.

Training begins off-road, then moves onto local roads under instructor supervision. At the end of the course young people get certificates and badges and we provide feedback to parents on progress.

Bikeability Fix

This course is designed to teach young people the rudiments of cycle maintenance and includes learning abut the parts of a bike, how to remove a wheel and repair a puncture. Each participant is given a puncture repair kit to take home. Participants are advised to wear protective clothes or old clothes for this course.

Who is it for?

Your child must be 11+ and be a confident cyclist who can ride one-handed and look over their shoulder. Click here to see the prior ability guide for Level 3.

What to bring

Your child will need to bring a roadworthy bike to use. UK law does not require you to wear a helmet. If you do it should fit correctly.


Level 3 and Bikeability Fix courses are FREE for young people aged 11+ who live in North Somerset however due to the large number of 'no-shows' experienced there is, a £10 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. This money will be refunded directly to you once your child has attended the training.

Course format

March 2020 - due to the current Coronavirus restrictions, we are postponing all holiday course training until the current measures are lifted.

Our courses are 2.5 hours long and are delivered at various locations, which will be published here.