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Training at your Workplace

Most employers are well aware of the benefits of a fit, healthy and alert workforce. But how can you encourage cycling among your employees?

We can help your staff to cycle

Life Cycle can come to your workplace during office hours and deliver a range of activities to encourage your staff to cycle to work. We offer lunchtime "theory" sessions that offer an introduction to cycle commuting and how to overcome common barriers. We can teach your staff how to cycle confidently and safely on busy roads - or practice their route to work. Our mobile bike mechanic can get neglected bikes rolling again.

We also provide specialist cycle training for people who use a bike as part of their job. Over the years, we've trained Police Officers, Security Guards, Paramedics, Messengers, Estate Agents, Postal Workers and Midwives!

Options include:

  • Formal Cycle theory session delivered at your workplace

  • 1 to 1 cycle lessons for individual employees

  • 'Drop in' cycle safety lunchtime sessions

  • Dr Bike cycle maintenance

How to book

Please contact us to discuss what would work best for your organisation.