Dr Bike

Bike mechanic servicing a bike for a client

Dr Bike is an experienced mechanic who can visit workplaces, schools, community centres or events to help get neglected bikes back on the road.

What we offer

Our mechanic will check over bikes and make simple repairs to ensure they are in good working order - things like fixing punctures, tuning gears or fitting new brake blocks.

Simple, efficient and cost-effective, a Dr Bike surgery is a great way to encourage cycle commuting at your workplace; meet the objectives of a Green Travel Plan, help staff adapt to a reduction in car parking and contribute to staff physical and mental wellbeing.

Dr Bike can typically look at 3 bikes an hour, so around 12 bikes per session.  Businesses normally cover the cost of Dr Bike for their staff as a way of encouraging employees to cycle to work.


Standard Service (1 Mechanic) Duration Fee
Dr Bike - Half a Day 4 Hours £160
Dr Bike - Full Day 7 Hours £250

Additional hours or extra mechanics cost £30 per hour.

Bookings are subject to our standard Terms & Conditions.


"Providing free bicycle MOTs via Dr Bike helps to encourage our cyclists. It reduces the company’s carbon emissions, helps our employees to stay healthy and maintains our reputation of valuing employees. It’s a win-win situation!" - Ian Phillips, SNC-Lavalin

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