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Donate a Bike

A mechanic and a bike donor look at a donated bike on a rack

If you have an adult bicycle that's gathering cobwebs in your garage, shed or attic, please donate it to our "Bike Back" project.  Your bike will then go on a journey to getting a new lease of life:

  1. It will be stripped down and completely refurbished by people at local prisons, as part of their cycle mechanic training.
  2. Our qualified mechanics thoroughly safety-check the bikes.
  3. We sell the bikes at affordable prices to help local people unlock the benefits of cycling.  

All income goes straight back into the project to help prisoners gain employable skills and a recognised qualification.  Thanks to you, the prisoners we train have the chance to build a brighter future upon release. Click here to watch our "Bike Back" video.

We are still open for donations during Covid-19 restrictions.

Before you donate, please check our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Frequently Asked Questions 


What bikes do you take?

We are grateful for every donation, but please do consider that some bikes may be beyond repair and require scrapping. Ideally, we do NOT normally take:

  1. Bikes for small children (our Derby workshop cannot take any children's bikes). Please pass them on within your community.
  2. Very rusty bikes (i.e. left outside in the rain for months).

How do I "Gift Aid" my donated bike?

We are now able to Gift Aid bike donations! This means that after we refurbish your donated bike, we can claim an extra 25% of the sale price from HMRC. So, for example, if we sell your bike for £100 we can claim an extra £25 from HMRC. Ultimately, this means we can invest more money back into our charitable work and transform even more lives through cycling! 

Here's how to Gift Aid your bike:

  1. Take 20 seconds to check you are eligible (essentially you just need to be a UK taxpayer).
  2. Fill out our short, online form on your phone, computer or tablet (no need to print).
  3. Securely label your bike with your surname and postcode.
  4. Drop your bike(s) off at one of the points listed below.

Find out more information by reading our Gift Aid FAQs and by reading the agency agreement.

Live or work in a place with lots of abandoned bikes?

We want to hear from anyone who has access to larger stocks of unwanted and abandoned bikes! All we ask is that they are salvageable (click here to see what bikes we can and can't take). If you think you can help, please email david@lifecycleuk.org.uk to discuss the next steps. 

Download this poster to encourage people to donate their unwanted bikes.


Where can I drop off my bike?

We are a small charity without access to a vehicle, so we ask that our donors kindly drop off bikes at the following locations. You leave bikes just outside our workshops at any time - there's no need to call ahead.


19 Cambridge Road, Bristol, BS7 8PS. Our workshop is based in Bristol Prison's car park. The prison car park is often full so we recommend parking in the residential rounds around the prison. Enter the prison car park, turn right and our workshop is at the far end of the car park through the high silver gates with a wheel on. Click here to find Bike Back Bristol on Google maps


Unit 1, Siddals Road, Derby DE1 2QE. You can find us right next door to the Alexandra Hotel where you will see a wide gated access to a business yard with our big blue Bike Back Derby sign.  Parking is free in the yard. Click here to find Bike Back Derby on google maps