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Children's Lessons

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Our qualified Instructors offer one-to-one cycle lessons to children aged 11-15 in Bristol.  Our lessons are age-appropriate and tailored to their skill level and goals. Whether it’s help finding the safest route to school, tips for tackling tricky areas, or general road skills support – we can help. To book, fill in our online form and an instructor will be in touch within two working days to arrange a time and date for your child’s lesson. For more information, use the menu below to browse our page.

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About our lessons

“I am now really confident in Ella’s ability to ride safely. She now rides to school and back every day, as well as out with friends. Thank you so much for all you taught her, it’s a brilliant course” - Jackie

Who can take part?

Our lessons are for young people aged 11-15 who live in the Bristol local authority area. If a child is a beginner, during COVID-19 we advise that an adult from the same household accompanies them to offer physical support.

Where do the lessons take place?

We aim to offer lessons in your local area. You can choose from a variety of ‘meetup points’ across Bristol. The lessons will start off-road and then progress onto quiet streets, as appropriate for your child’s skill and confidence levels.

How much does it cost?

If your child lives in Bristol they can take up to two, one-hour lessons for £10 per lesson. The cost of these lessons is subsidised by Bristol City Council. If your child wishes to take more than two lessons, we charge £35 per lesson thereafter.

What if I don't live in the catchment area?

If you don't live in the Bristol local authority area, your child can still have a lesson, but they will need to be able to get to one of our Bristol meet points.  You must also pay £35 (non-refundable fee) per lesson.

What will my child learn?

Our lessons help young people build the skills and confidence to cycle to school, local places and to visit friends and family. Our lessons are age-appropriate and are tailored to your child’s skill level and goals.  At the beginning of the lesson, the instructor will assess your child’s cycling ability and work on areas where they need support. We can help with:

  • General on-road cycling skills such as road positioning, communication with other road-users and the Highway Code.
  • Support with specific situations where they feel less confident (e.g. traffic lights or junctions).
  • Finding the best routes to school or places they visit regularly.

What should they bring to the lesson?

They will need a roadworthy bike and suitable clothing for the weather that day. They will be out for 1 hour and the lesson will usually involve a mixture of gentle riding and standing still. We advise wrapping up warm on cold days - gloves are recommended. On warmer days, bring water, sunglasses and a visor or hat. Please make sure they bring any medication they need with them and make the instructor aware of this (and any relevant health issues) on the booking form and again at the start of the lesson.

Do they need to wear a helmet?

Wearing a helmet is not a legal requirement so we advise you to make your own judgement. Our instructors can advise on safe helmet fitting. 

What happens if they don’t have a bike?

Safety during COVID-19

Current Public Health England guidelines state that you can meet up to six people from outside your household, provided you keep at least two meters’ distance from each other at all times.  After undertaking risk assessments and consulting with our cycling instructors, we are confident that one-to-one cycle lessons are safe for people who are healthy and not in a high-risk group

If you are unsure whether it is safe for you to cycle, we suggest you follow these guidelines on safe cycling during COVID-19 from Cycling UK.  As always, our instructors will be observing strict safe systems of working guidelines for COVID-19.  Do not meet with your instructor if anyone in your household feels at all unwell.  Notify them as soon as possible and they will arrange to postpone until you are feeling better.  The Instructor will also postpone the lesson if they themselves are feeling unwell. Your Instructor reserves the right to terminate the session early if they feel it is in any way unsafe to continue.

Click here for information on the symptoms of COVID-19.


Our instructors

Our Instructors are qualified to teach children and young people to the 'National Standard for Cycling,’ as defined by the Department of Transport.  All instructors:

  • Are DBS checked
  • Have extensive experience in working with children and young people.
  • Hold a First Aid qualification
  • Have excellent knowledge of cycling in Bristol.

After you book, your instructor will contact you to agree on a time and date for your child’s lesson, discuss their goals and answer any questions you may have.  When you meet, your Instructor will be wearing a Life Cycle UK branded blue top and a hi-vis jacket which will hold their ID Badge.


Terms and conditions

If you need to cancel, we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice by telephone. You should phone or text your instructor directly to do this. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice (or do not show up), your fees will not be refunded. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule for any reason at any time, although we will always try to give you reasonable notice. In the unlikely event of us having to cancel your lesson will contact you to rebook at a time that suits you – or we will refund your payment in full. 

Read our full terms and conditions here.



Cycling resources

Starting cycling: the basics (article by British Cycling)

A guide to cycling on the road with children (article by Cycling UK)

Safe cycling during COVID 19 (always up-to-date article by Cycling UK)

Stay in touch

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Book a lesson

If you're having trouble filling out the form - or you have a question that wasn't answered on this page - please contact frances@lifecycleuk.org.uk. Otherwise please fill out this form to request a cycle lesson. Please note, you cannot book by email.

Parent's details
Child's details
Lesson Details

Terms & Conditions

I am the parent / legal guardian of the child I am registering, and give my consent for them to participate in this lesson provided by Life Cycle UK. I understand that:

  1. It is my responsibility to decide if my child should wear a helmet. If my child does not wear one, Life Cycle UK will not be liable for the results of any injury that may have been prevented by the wearing of a helmet.
  2. My child must have a roadworthy bike to participate.
  3. The lesson will take place in public spaces and on public roads.
  4. Life Cycle UK is not liable for any injury, loss or damage to persons or property before or after the session including on journeys to and from the lesson.
  5. My child must be able to ride with control and be able to understand and follow instructions given by the instructor.
  6. I accept that the instructor may at any time refuse to continue with the lesson if my child's behaviour or ability level is deemed to be unsuitable.
Payment information

Children aged between 11 and 15 who live in Bristol can have up to two lessons at a reduced cost of £10 each thanks to funding from Bristol City Council. For other ages or children who don't live in Bristol, the cost is £35 per lesson. 

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