Cycle Buddies

Life Cycle UK is running a free "Cycle Buddy" scheme that pairs new or returning cyclists with confident older cyclists in their local neighbourhood.

Who is it for?

Anyone in Bristol aged 50+ who is thinking about re-starting cycling - but isn't sure how to start. Perhaps you need help to get hold of a bike? Or feel nervous about cycling on the roads? Would like someone with local knowledge to show you how to access quiet local cycle paths? We can help!

What we offer

A friendly network of community cycle buddies, who have offered to help older people in their local neighbourhood to re-start cycling. Buddies can:

  • Help you borrow a bike - or locate a cheap refurbished one
  • Help you gain the confidence to cycle on the roads
  • Introduce you to quiet local cycle routes
  • Meet other likeminded people in your neighbourhood

"It's an excellent service and I can't believe it's free.  It really is good for health and well-being" -  Sue, 58 years


We currently have cycle buddies in a number of areas of Bristol, please call to find out where.

Get Involved

To get put in touch with a cycle buddy in your local area, call Julie on 0117 353 4580 or email