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Bristol Women's Cycling Charter


A recent report by Sustrans found that in Bristol: 

  • Only 17% of women cycle once a week 
  • 30% of women currently do not ride a bike but would like to 
  • The reasons women don’t cycle include concerns about traffic, infrastructure and the nature of their multi-stop journeys. 

What we are clear about is that: 

  • Cycling has the potential to offer all women affordable, healthy transport for shorter journeys
  • If women are empowered to make everyday journeys by bike, more families and children will cycle too 
  • The impact of more women cycling on our city will be positive and will lead to a reduction in health inequalities, improved air quality and reduced carbon emissions. 

Bristol Cycling Charter Mission is to:

  1. Share our passion for cycling with other women 
  2. Inspire women to make everyday journeys by bike, by acting as role models and demonstrating women can ride around Bristol
  3. Be available to women who want to cycle with information, advice and practical support
  4. Call on everyone, individuals and organisations, in Bristol who have a role in cycle infrastructure and promotion, to value women’s involvement in cycling and to take their views and opinions into account.
  5. Champion change that ensures it is acceptable for women to be on bikes and cycling in our city.
  6. Stand-up to and speak out against the harassment and intimidation of women on bikes

We call on statutory organisations, businesses, voluntary groups and individuals to sign-up to this charter and support a positive culture of everyday cycling.


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