Book a Children's Cycle Lesson

Lessons for children aged 11-15years are available in the following locations. 2 lessons are available at the part funded rate per child. Please see our family cycle lessons page if you have younger children.


Central & South Bristol

Montpelier with Polly Stubley

Victoria Park with Sam Marsh


East Bristol

Fishponds with Sarah Beetham

St George with Paul Hier

St George with Betty Galizzi


North Bristol

Ashley Down and Bishopston with Patrick Tumilty

Bishopston and St Andrews with Alasdair Jones

Clifton with Robin Lapworth

Stoke Bishop and Syed Park with Robin Lapworth

Horfield with Peter Adcock

Lockleaze and Horfield with Alasdair Jones

Redland and Cotham with Peter Adcock

Seamills and Shirehampton with Robin Lapworth


If none of these are suitable, you can pay for a 'We come to you' session.