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Sustainability events in Bristol for SMEs

Last week I got the opportunity to represent Life Cycle at two different events, both with a similar aim around supporting SMEs to improve their sustainability.

The Planet Mark Start!

This was a workshop held at the Create centre which was run by the certification programme called The Planet Mark. The ‘Start!’ programme supports you through gaining an understanding of the business benefits of sustainability.

The workshop aimed to help attendants create a sustainability plan, how to put in into action and how to communicate your organisation’s achievements.

Life Cycle reciving our certification for committement to sustainability.

It was interesting to gain an insight into how the world is changing, in the sense that running a charity or business in an environmentally friendly way is now regarded as a way to gain support and a loyal following, whereas in the not so distant past it was not such a priority for many organisations and consumers.

It is promising to see how societal behavior has shifted massively towards favouring sustainability because it allows change to happen with more ease. Without public opinion backing a move to sustainable practice, it could definitely be seen as a challenge by businesses to put in the time, money and effort into improve their sustainability when the norm is to favour cheap, fast, money-making products and services.

STBAH Sustainable Economy event: Keep Products & Materials in Use

The second event, held at the Engine Shed, was aimed at SMEs involved in re-use, re-pair, remanufacture and recycling – so it was perfect for Life Cycle. It included speakers from the University of Bath Mechanical Engineering department, Triodos bank, KTN Ltd, Pinweld, and CollectEco.

It was a really inspiring event that left me brimming with a revived sense of optimism for the planet. It is very easy to be disheartened by the lack of progress towards creating a sustainable economy but there is a growing network of support for businesses and organisations that are developing products and services that contribute towards a more circular economy.

More information about STBAH can be found here: https://www.stbah.org/