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Making Changes

Finding ways to be more sustainable:

Since my last blog post, one of the main things I have been working on is identifying the small changes that Life Cycle can implement to become even more sustainable.

These include:

Recycling the inner tubes from the bike refurbishments at the Bike Back Hub with Cycle of Good. They train tailors in the world’s poorest countries so they can earn a good income for themselves and support their families. Handcrafted products such as wallets and belts are made from the upcycled tubes.

One of the wallets made by Cycle of Good

Tyres could be recycled by companies such as Tyre Renewals. The end product can be used in all sorts of applications, such as children’s playgrounds made by Star Rubber.

Life Cycle uses a lot of stationary and switching to a local green office supplier such as The Green Stationary Company in Bath is a great way to operate more sustainably. They sell a sustainable option for everything an office would need including pens made from old games console materials to recycled printer cartridges.

Life cycle also gets through a lot of cups of tea! The green stationary company also sell Fairtrade tea and coffee in bulk so  you can cut down on unnecessary packaging. In addition to this, ordering milk from Milk & More who will deliver in glass bottles and collect them to be refilled creates the perfect combination for a sustainable cuppa!