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Importance of Sustainability

As the end of summer begins to creep upon us, I’ve had chance to reflect on my time at Life Cycle and some of the important lessons I feel I have learned during my time here…

In a week where climate-related stories have dominated the headlines with the news that Greta Thunberg plans to travel to the UN climate summit on a carbon-neutral racing yacht, and that the record breaking heatwave across Europe was made at least 5 times more likely by climate change, it is clear that environmental issues have gone from being simply an afterthought to now being the headlines in a global conversation.

Therefore, there has been no better time for society to up its game when it comes to redefining the rules of sustainability. Even big businesses are employing sustainability experts to help them move to a model that will stand the test of time in an ever-changing world.

An important message and lesson that I’ve solidified through working for Life Cycle is that running a successful organisation or business with high impact and efficiency is not antagonistic with sustainable practice. The improvements to environmental policy at Life Cycle could be scaled up or down to fit the size of any organisation and making these sorts changes now is vital. I hope that at the upcoming climate summit, solid plans will be put in place and followed through, and that these plans work towards a full transformation of the global economy where sustainability is not just a factor to be considered, but used as a key driving force to create positive change.

The internship here at Life Cycle has given me the opportunity to get some first-hand experience of what a career in sustainability or the environmental sector would look like. It's amazing to see the impact a local charity can have in the community when you have a group of like-minded people working together with a similar vision.  With the responsibility and freedom I was given, it has been very rewarding to see some positive improvements being made. It’s been really useful to develop some vital skills in researching, writing and communication which will most certainly come in handy for the future.

I have no doubt that the work of Life Cycle will become ever more relevant as we aim to transition to make transportation a carbon neutral activity, reduce pollution in our cities, and to have sustainability embedded into business culture.