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Getting started as a Sustainability Intern at Life Cycle


My name's Cassia, I am a Biology student from West Yorkshire and this summer I will be working as a sustainability intern for Life Cycle UK as part of the University of Bristol SME Internship Scheme.

The main focus of the internship is to conduct an audit of the charity's operations and internal processes and come up with some ways that they can become even more sustainable.

Both cycling and environmental sustainability have been lifelong passions of mine, and so the internship really appealed to me and looked like a great opportunity to put these passions into action. When I found out I got the place I was very excited to start and get stuck into the project.

I will be documenting what I get up to during my time at Life Cycle and posting regular updates with the progress of the project on this blog.

Meeting the team

On the first day of my internship at Life Cycle I arrived at the Create centre in Bristol - a vibrant  shared workspace located just by the waterfront of the Bedminster area. The centre has a buzzing sense of community with a collection of small organisations, each focused on green and ethical missions. The centre itself is very committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact which aligns well with the aims of Life Cycle as well as the aims of my internship.


Poppy, the Life Cycle CEO, introduced the rest of the team to me and I was able to have a chat with everyone about what their role is within the organisation, it was really interesting to see and hear about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Poppy and I then talked through an outline of what we’d hope to achieve by the end of the internship, and the steps that I would be taking to get there.

Research begins...

Before trying to come up with any suggestions as to how Life Cycle could become more sustainable, it was important that I gained a fuller understanding of their current way of operating and how environmentally friendly it is.

I did some research into different frameworks (Cere's Roadmap for Sustainability, One Planet Living, Cracking the Circular Economy) that can be used by workplaces to examine their sustainability and used these along with the Life Cycle’s own environmental policy to design a questionnaire to send out to all members of staff. The aim of the questionnaire was to give me an idea of what practices within the charity are already very sustainable and therefore should be celebrated, but also to highlight any areas that have the potential to be more sustainable.