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Guide on Cycle Parking

Time and time again people tell us that they don't cycle becasue they have nowhere secure to store a bike at home.  The problem is particularly bad in rented accomodation as many landlords do not welcome bikes in their properties, and do not provide alternatives.

If you are a landlord, you might be interested to know that 60% of people who responded to our survey said they would not rent in a property where cycle parking was not allowed.

We have put together a series of downloadable PDF guides to help tenants, landlords and anyone else wanting to install secure cycle parking at home. Following the publication of the report, we also commissioned a design for a simple, outdoor bike shelter - find out more here

1. Cycle Parking at Home - Introduction

2. Information for Tenants

3 .Information for Landlords

4. Planning your Cycle Parking

5. Choosing a Location for your Parking

Parking Solutions

Bike Hangers

Bike Shelf and Holder

Cycle Stands

Folding Bikes



Protecting your Bike and Home

Sheds and Lockers


Wall and Floor Anchors


Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Full report

Full report