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Bikes for Business

Like you, we believe everyone should be able to travel to work in a healthy, active and environmentally-friendly way. Encouraging colleagues to cycle to work ticks all those boxes – and helps your organisation reduce its carbon footprint. That’s why we provide a variety of services that you can offer your staff for free – as a fantastic workplace benefit. Scroll down to find out more.


Dr Bike 

Get your colleagues or community cycling by offering them a free bicycle safety check and tune-up at your workplace or event. We'll bring our expert mechanics to you. They'll safety-check and service key components, including adjusting or replacing brake blocks, tuning gears and fixing punctures.  
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Mini Maintenance Classes

Empower your colleagues to keep their bikes running safely and smoothly with our series of mini maintenance courses. We offer up to four, 1 hour-long sessions, each covering a different topic:

  1. Setting up your bike for comfort and safety
  2. Fixing a puncture
  3. Brakes
  4. Gears

Sessions take place on-site and participants can either bring their own bike or practice on the instructor's bike. Attendees can participate in all booked sessions or pick a particular session of interest. 

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Why choose Life Cycle UK?

  • Our team of mechanics are all qualified professionals. 
  • Having multiple mechanics allows us to fit around your schedule and provide women-only sessions if requested.
  • We are a City & Guilds accredited training centre. We host maintenance courses at our workshop in Horfield from beginners to professional levels. 
  • Our online resources give learners accessible refresher knowledge.
  • Our tutors, events and participants are fully covered by our insurance.
  • Supporting Life Cycle UK helps us to carry out our charitable work in local communities. Click here to find out more.

"Cycling cuts traffic decreases pollution and encourages an active lifestyle - all things we are keen to support. The Dr Bike workshop has helped existing cyclists and provided inspiration for those considering the switch to two wheels" - Peter Smith, Ashton Gate Stadium

"Lovely friendly staff and experts in their fields" Ella, Sustrans

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Dr Bike – information for clients

Our Dr Bike service is running during Covid-19, subject to Government guidance. If you are unsure whether your planned Dr Bike session can take place safely, please email hub@lifecycleuk.org.uk to discuss your options.

How does it work?

  • Book online or email hub@lifecycleuk.org.uk for South West or alison@lifecycleuk.org.uk for Derby. 
  • Tell us your preferred date and time, then we will match you with a qualified mechanic.
  • We can accommodate most requests – including evenings and weekends.
  • Bookings must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance. If you require a Dr Bike sooner, please email one of the addresses above. 


Available in Bristol, BathNES, North Somerset, South Glos, Nottingham and Derby.

How many bikes can be checked?

One mechanic can typically service two bikes per hour. However, if you have a large volume of bikes, two mechanics can be booked to cover more bikes on the same day. Or, get in touch to discuss other options.

What kind of repairs are carried out?

  • For each bike, the mechanic will prioritise what can be done in the limited time available to get the bike running safely and smoothly. 
  • The most common jobs this might include are:
Typical Jobs  
Safety check ("M-check")
Replace inner tubes
Adjust/replace inner brake cables and/or brake blocks
Adjust gear cable/indexing
Adjust handlebars/saddle
Lubricate working parts
Inflate tyres
Explain repairs to the bike owner and give recommendations for further work


  • £160 + VAT for 4 hours (minimum). 
  • We offer additional mechanic time at £40 per hour + VAT. 
  • £250 + VAT for a full day (7 hours). 

Click here for our full Dr Bike Terms, Conditions and FAQs.

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Mini Maintenance Classes – information for clients

  • We offer four, 1 hour-long session, each covering a different topic.
  • Participants can either bring their own bike or practice on the instructor's bike.  
  • Attendees can participate in all sessions or pick a particular session of interest.
  • Our Maintenance Demos can be taught at any time of the day.

What are the four sessions?

Session 1: Setting up your bike for comfort and safety 

A safety-focussed session that shows you how to check your whole bike and make key adjustments for secure and comfortable riding. Since it touches on all areas, this is our most recommended session for an intro to bike maintenance.        

Session 2: Punctures 

This session covers removing a wheel, removing a tyre, fixing a puncture and replacing the tyre and the wheel. You will get hands-on experience of fixing a puncture using spare inner tubes.

Session 3: Brakes 

This session gives an overview on setting up rim brakes; it includes centring brakes, barrel adjusters, fitting and positioning pads and cable lubrication. Replacing a cable is not included. You will have a hands-on experience of trying out adjusting balance screws and barrel adjusters on the demonstration bike. 

Session 4: Gears

A comprehensive introduction to gears including a basic overview, limit screw adjustment, cable tension adjustment using barrel adjusters and cable lubrication. You will gain hands-on experience by adjusting the limit screws and barrel adjusters on the demonstration bike.

Session Capacity

Each session should ideally have no more than 6-8 participants. This allows the best visibility of the instructor's bike and time for questions. If there are more people, we can run the same session twice in one day.

What does our mechanic provide on the day?

  • Demo bike
  • Tools and kit
  • Workstand
  • Years of experience to answer any question you may have.

What do you need to provide?

  • A suitable space to run the session (indoors or in a sheltered area).
  • A key point of contact from your organisation who will internally promote and coordinate the bookings for each session.


  • Any number of sessions or a combination of sessions can be booked. 
  • The first hour is £80 and then each additional hour on the same day is charged at £40.  
  • For example, 12-1pm M-check + 1-2pm Punctures = 2 hours for £120.  
  • All prices excluding VAT.

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