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Bikeability in Swindon

Life Cycle is delighted to have been awarded a contract by Swindon Borough Council to deliver Bikeability Training to children in the area for FREE!

What is Bikeability?

Simply, it is the modern version of Cycling Proficiency that was introduced to give young people an understanding of the road environment.

It was developed by a number of expert cycling groups including Life Cycle.

  • Level 1 is taught in a traffic-free environment. Children learn the basics of how to control their bike and make an off-road trip, for example on cycle paths
  • Level 2 is covered on quiet roads but in real traffic conditions. Children achieving level 2 will be able to make a trip to school or elsewhere on small roads.
  • Level 3 incorporates busy roads, traffic lights, roundabouts and other advanced road features. Children will not usually be taught this until they start secondary school.

How can my child take part in Bikeability?

Training in school

Most training will be delivered in partnership with schools in Swindon.  This means the school will need to sign-up to the training.

Please let your Headteacher know that you would like your child to be trained and ask them to get in touch with us.

Holiday courses

We will deliver a limited number of courses during school holidays.  If your child misses out on Bikeabilty in school, then:


What does my child need to take part?

  • A roadworthy bike. Download our checklist to ensure your child’s bike is roadworthy.  If you are not sure, please take it to a bike shop.
  • A Helmet:  Your child is not required to wear a helmet in UK law.  However, we recommend wearing a helmet as long as it fits correctly.

My child has special needs, can s/he take part?

Yes.  Please email us to discuss your child’s specific requirements.