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Bikeability Instructor Conversion Course

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Who is it for?

Any current National Standard Instructor, NSIP or NSIQ, who wishes to continue to deliver Bikeability cycle training after 31st March 2024.

What does it involve?

You need to complete an online e-portfolio of modules aligned to the new Level 2 course, have delivered a minimum of 72 hours Bikeability training, and pass a practical assessment.

How long will it take?

Every learner is different. 1st4Sport have estimated that the e-portfolio modules will take 10-12 hours to complete, you will need access to a laptop or PC and good internet connection to do this. You should have delivered 72hours of training using the new Bikeability Delivery Guide then arrange and pass the practical Post Course Assessment (PCA). We expect most instructors to have completed all elements within 6 months of registration.

How do I get started?

Life Cycle UK is a Recognised Delivery Centre (RDC). Please complete the booking form below with a rough idea of the timescale you are thinking about for your practical assessment. We will then contact you to arrange payment / invocing.

Once we have recieved your booking form and payment, we will register you as a learner with 1 st4sport and you’ll receive an email with log in details to your ‘e-portfolio’.

How will I be supported?

You will be allocated your own 1st4sport accredited tutor. They will contact you to check your progress as you work through the e-portfolio modules, which include similar multiple choice tests to the ones on the new 4-day course. The tutor can access your e-portfolio remotely and will mentor you through this process. Once you have upload your completed tasks, your tutor will mark them and give you appropriate feedback. You can contact your tutor via the portal. 

When can I book the practical assessment?

Once all the elements of the e-portfolio are completed, signed off by your tutor and you have completed at least 72 hours of Bikeability delivery, please contact the Life Cycle office to arrange your practical assessment. Prior to the assessment you will need to write a session plan for your PCA and afterwards, reflect on your learning. Please give us a selection of dates and times when you will be available, plus the postcode of the school where the assessment will take place. We will then cross-check these with your tutor’s availability. Please allow a month’s lead time to arrange this.

What happens after the practical assessment?

If you successfully pass the practical assessment and complete the final elements of the e-portfolio, we will apply to the awarding body to have you certified. That information is then shared with the Bikeability Trust for their records.

If you don’t demonstrate the required outcomes during your practical assessment, you can keep working on your e-portfolio while taking on-board the feedback - then arrange another practical assessment when you feel ready. 1st4sport allow up to three attempts at the practical element. There will be an additional cost for tutor time and travel for subsequent practical assessment visits.

How much does it cost?

Our fee for a ‘conversion PCA’ is £250 per instructor. This includes:

  • The £40 + VAT per person 1st4Sport registration fee (this is a one-off cost).
  • Tutor mentoring for completion of your e-portfolio (generally by phone and email).
  • One practical assessment (contact time plus verbal and written feedback)
  • Any travel/ accommodation costs for your tutor to attend your assessment are an additional cost

Can I get support with funding?

The Bikeability Trust offers a £60 bursary towards the cost of the conversion PCA. This has been already applied to the £250 fee mentioned above and Life Cycle will claim this directly from the Bikeability Trust after you have been certified.

How do I pay?

We need invoice details and a Purchase Order number if applicable to send your organisation an invoice for the fee, or we can take payments by BACs or securely over the telephone. We are unable register you with 1st4Sport until we have received payment. The cost of tutor travel for the practical assessment will be invoiced separately, once that has been arranged.

Still have questions?

For further information please email: frances@lifecycleuk.org.uk

Booking form
Organisation / Employer address
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Please note you will have to provide evidence of your date of birth i.e. passport or birth certificate (a scanned copy is fine

Please note, you must complete all elements of the e-portfolio before you do your practical assessment

Please note, we cannot register you with 1st4sport until we have received payment or an official Purchase Order number from your employer.

By submitting this form you are confirming you have a good command of written and spoken English, are over 18years of age and have computer and internet access to complete the on-line elements. You are also agreeing to Life Cycle's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Once this form has been submitted we will then register you with 1st4Sport (when payment received) and allocate you a tutor. Your tutor will be in contact to help you get started on your e-portfolio.

Any questions or queries regarding your submission, please send them to frances@lifecycleuk.org.uk.