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Unlock new adventures: learn bike mechanics

As summer approaches, people are digging their bikes out of the garage, or thinking about giving their cycle a good, post-winter service. With a string of bike maintenance course dates just announced, we caught up with our star mechanic, Polly Stubley, about her experiences of teaching people the nuts and bolts of bike mechanics:

Getting into cycling
“I've always been a big fan of cycling. When I was growing up I was given a lot of freedom to go off exploring on my bike with friends. We used to cycle miles, staying out all day, enjoying the quiet lanes and canal paths. Moving to the City allowed me tap into a fantastic bike culture and I found cycling the most efficient and fun way to get around.  Cycling adds so much to my life - it is my therapy and it improves my mood. Looking at the bigger picture I see cycling as catalyst to solving many of society’s problems - be it cutting down pollution or bringing communities closer”. 

 Polly with her first bike

Becoming a cycle mechanic
“I came across Life Cycle when I was searching for an instructor training course. I applied, passed and have been working with Lifecycle for the past 12 years! It has been wonderful to see more people cycling, with local authorities designing better cycle paths and incentives to promote cycling, such as free cycle training, low cost bikes and led rides. So many people gain freedom and enjoyment in their lives as a result”.

Teaching bike maintenance at Life Cycle
“I love to teach in a way that's uncomplicated and tailored to our many different ways of learning. My City & Guilds cycle mechanic training has enabled me to teach people of all ages and walks of life – helping to increase their confidence and broadens horizons. There’s a huge amount of empowerment in being able to deal with anything your bike throws at you.”

On being a female mechanic
“Thankfully, being a female mechanic has very little bearing on how I'm treated. I do get the odd person surprised to hear what I do as a job, but this is usually followed by “wow, I wish I could do that, it sounds great!” I always reply: “You can do it!” We are so lucky to have many skilled and passionate people working in the cycling industry, including many other female bike mechanics”. 

Final thoughts…
“I'm very excited to see more people cycling and choosing to learn bike mechanic skills. The bicycle is one of the most amazing machines invented, it's certainly the most efficient. I am definitely going to carry on cycling, working on bikes and designing bike art for as long as I possibly can”.

For more information and to book onto one of our cycle mechanics courses, click the links below. Note, we provide women-only cycle mechanics courses throughout the year.

Beginners’ courses

Improvers’ courses

To enquire about bike-themed T-shirts, designed by Polly, contact Viv on 0117 353 4580 or email office@lifecycleuk.org.uk