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New year, new you? Four steps to a fantastic 2018


2018 is here! Some of you may have felt rather flat greeting the new year after a month of eating, drinking and being merry. If you’re anything like us your mind turned to the obligatory new years’ resolutions – ones you can actually keep this time! It’s OK, we feel your pain – and here at Life Cycle we think we have a simple solution. Whether it’s getting fitter, learning a new skill, saving money, or even making long-needed repairs to the stuff in the garage - we have the secret to ticking all those boxes at once…

1.  Get fitter

The gym is not for everyone, and competitive sports can be a bit too… competitive. But if you switch the odd car or bus journey for a bike ride, you will soon notice the difference. Becky, Life Cycle’s fundraiser says:

“I never cycled regularly until I moved to Bristol. I wanted to get fit, but didn’t like the idea of the gym. I was also fed up of being stuck in traffic, finding it hard to park, or being cooped up on an overcrowded bus. I started off cycling to work one day a week, now I cycle every day. I rely on my cycle commute to clear my head, de-stress and give me an energy boost. Dropping a dress size was an unexpected bonus”.

2.  Learn a new skill

So you want to cycle more often - or even start from scratch – but don’t feel you have the confidence to just hop on a bike? Life Cycle offers cycle training for people of all experience levels. Our friendly instructors will go at your own pace and make sure you end your sessions having achieved your goals. To find out more and book your FREE sessions, click the links below:

Bath and North East Somerset; Bristol; Derby; North Somerset; Salisbury

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Life Cycle for the session today - John was so kind and patient with me, my confidence is massively developed in just one session” – Alia, new cyclist

3.  Save money

One of the easiest ways to save money is to cut your transport costs. Why not invest in one of our affordable refurbished bikes and put the money you’d normally spend on a season ticket into a savings account? Cycle regularly and you could even cancel that gym membership. Our fantastic team at the Hub will help you find the right bike for your needs. Find out more about our ‘Bike Back’ project here: https://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/bike-recycling

“I adore my bike! It gives me a great sense of freedom. It is such a good quality bike at a very good price. I’m really grateful to the project and tell all my friends about it” – Helen, bike buyer

4.  Make those long-needed repairs

For those with an old bike languishing in the garage, it might be that time to blow the cobwebs off and get it road worthy again. Life Cycle offers two ways to get your bike running safely and smoothly:

Dr Bike
Our mobile mechanic service is ideal for a group of bike owners that need to service their bikes. Dr Bike can come to your workplace and offers highly competitive prices. Click here for more information and to book.

"Providing free bicycle MOTs via Dr Bike helps to encourage our cyclists. It reduces the company’s carbon emissions, helps our employees to stay healthy and maintains our reputation of valuing employees. It’s a win-win situation!" - Ian Phillips, SNC-Lavalin


Cycle maintenance courses

What better way to make those necessary repairs whilst learning a new skill and saving the money you’d normally pay to the bike shop? Our courses range from beginner to professional standard and are taught by our supportive Life Cycle mechanics. You’ll come away feeling empowered and ready to ride anywhere, knowing you can handle whatever your bike throws at you. Click the links below for more information:

Beginner’s workshop

Improver’s workshop

City & Guilds Level 1

City & Guilds Level 2


Have a happy, healthy 2018 everyone!