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Nail that New Year’s resolution


If getting into cycling is one of your New Year’s resolutions, we're here to help! We have some exciting opportunities for people that are looking to improve their physical or mental wellbeing through cycling – and those aged 50+ who would like some relaxed support from one of our ‘Cycle Buddies’:

1.  Short rides for wellbeing

Improve your wellbeing in a relaxed, non-competitive environment with our ‘Return to Cycling’ rides.

Starting Thursday 10th January, we’ll be running a programme of six, short bike rides, which will take place every Thursday until 14th February. Thanks to funding from The Henry Smith Charity and BUPA, there will be no charge for these rides.

Specifically designed for people that are new to cycling (or those that haven’t cycled for years), these rides are all on quiet or traffic-free routes. So you're free to focus on your bike and enjoy the sights of the world passing by. You are warmly welcome to join as many of the rides as you want.

Our group will depart from The Create Centre (BS1 6XN) at 10:30am. Every ride will include a leisurely rest stop at 'LA Café' (based at Long Ashton Community Centre) where you can purchase tea, coffee, soft drinks, or a light lunch.

How to book

Please make sure you register with us first and turn up 15 minutes early if you can – this helps us avoid delays to the ride getting started.

Click here to register your interest via our online form. In the box that says “Which aspect of the Project are you interested in?” please write “Returners’ Rides”.

Alternatively, you can call or email Patrick on 0117 353 4590 or bikeminded@lifecycleuk.org.uk

2.  Cycle Buddies for over 50s

If you’re aged 50+ and want to get back into cycling, we can support you to get started. 

Our friendly volunteer ‘Cycle Buddies’ are confident riders who enjoy cycling and want to share their knowledge with others. Together you’ll explore your local neighbourhood by bike at a relaxed and unhurried pace. You’ll enjoy gentle bike rides together and gradually build your cycling skills as you go:

“The cycle buddy scheme was a convenient way for me to get involved with cycling. I've learned about the off-road routes in Bristol which give you an alternative perspective on the city. I enjoyed my bike buddy’s company and conversation and I've gained a new acquaintance into my social circle” - Anja

Perhaps you used to love cycling, but you’re out of practice and lacking in confidence. Maybe you’re looking for a low-cost way to take some gentle exercise. Or, you could be looking to explore new places but don’t feel comfortable cycling alone. Either way, if you’re looking to get out on two wheels in friendly company then this scheme is tailor made for you!

How to book

If you would like to be connected with a cycle buddy, please contact Julie on 0117 353 4580 or email julie@lifecycleuk.org.uk.

Extra support for everyone

No matter which service you choose, we understand that getting started can be a daunting step. To make things as stress-free as possible, before coming out with us, you can undertake up to three FREE, 1:1 cycle skills sessions with one of our qualified cycle instructors. We also lend you a bike (including electric bikes), for free, if you don’t have your own. 

“I didn’t really cycle before coming out on these rides. The instructor, Fi, was friendly and made me feel confident on the bike” - Cathy