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Meet the Team - Ric Dobson

How are you connected to Life Cycle

Voyeur of recycled bikes but so far not seen the one for me. I also volunteer with Bike Minded and Over 55's as a back/middle marker or hanger-on as I qualify as a rider anyway.

What's your earlist cycling memory?

Being shoved off my tricycle by either my brother or sister - surprisingly neither admitted blame - a brake lever went through the inside top of my mouth - lots of blood - rushed to A&E - couple of stiches - rewarded with ice cream and promptly brought the stiches back out on my tongue.

What was your first bike?

The trike as above - a green one being Irish and of course the environment.

What would your dream bike be?

A hybrid with a battery hidden in the tubing so I would appear swan like going up hills.

What are your favourite cycling routes in Bristol/UK?

Not just because I've a short memory but it would be hard to beat the Hebridean Way on the Outer Hebrides which I completed about a month ago. Very friendly laid back locals, cracking and varied scenery, great road surfaces plus brill route marking.

How long does it take you to fix a puncture?

How long is a piece of string?

If you could wave a magic wand , and make something better about cycling, what would it be?

Big national education programme so all drivers know cyclists 'rights' and challenges like potholes.

Who would your ideal tandem partner be?

No comment, I'm already hitched up or do I mean stitched?

What's you favourite pre/post cycling food?

Pre - pistachios for carbs and Post - steak for protein - in both cases I'm just dreaming!

What's your best cycling related joke?

How many bikes do you need? = (N+1) where N is the number you already own. 

How many bikes should you have?= (D-1) where D is the number of bikes resulting in divorce.


The one thing that scares me about dying is that my better half may discover how much the bikes really cost!