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Meet the Team - Lucy Greaves

How are you connected to Life Cycle?

I'm a new instructor.

What's your earliest cycling memory?

Learning to ride on the front lawn with my dad.

What was your first bike?

It was green, white, purple and super cool.

What would your dream bike be?

Just one? Impossible to choose! Can I have one that magically transforms from pub bike to racer to folding to cargo to MTB to tourer etc?

What are your favourite cycling routes in Bristol/UK?

My favourite local ride is out to Chew Valley lake, and elsewhere in the UK I love the ride from Norwich to the coast at Cromer (for chips and ice cream)

How long does it take you to fix a puncture?

Not long, but I've never timed myself. This sounds like a challenge!

If you could wave a magic wand, and make something better about cycling, what would it be?

Make all drivers immediately respectful of cyclists.

Who would your ideal tandem partner be?

Anyone with strong legs and a good sense of humour.

What's you favourite pre/post cycling food?

Cake, at regular intervals.

What's your best cycling related joke?

I'm terrible at telling jokes so....pass