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Meet the Team - Keith Bonham

How are you connected to Life Cycle?

I am a Trustee.

What's your earliest cycling memory?

Hitting a pothole in an unmade road, and cutting my head so I had to go to junior school with a white head bandage! My teacher asked if I planned to join the Navy!

What was your first bike?

My first teenage/adult bike was a Humber Seater.

What would your dream bike be?

A secret button to assist on hills.

What are your favourite cycling routes in Bristol/UK?

Tavistock to Plymouth via Sustrans route 27.

How long does it take you to fix a puncture?

Too long!

If you could wave a magic wand and make something better about cycling, what would it be?

More dedicated cycle lanes.

Who would your ideal tandem partner be?

Hotlips Houlahan from MASH

What's your favourite pre/post cycling food?

Hot sweat tea and a Mars bar.