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Meet the Team - John Cotton

How are you connected to Life Cycle?

As a cycling instructor and ride leader.

What's your earliest cycling memory?

Flying over my handlebars and knocking myself out, aged eight, when a stick I was carrying got caught in the spokes. I still have the scar.

What was your first bike?

A very old Raleigh that was too big for me and my father built up the pedals with wooden blocks.

What would your dream bike be?

A road bike with a grappling hook to hook onto lycra fanatics cycling past without saying hello!

What are your favourite cycling routes in Bristol/UK?

Definitely the Pill path on a summer evening.

How long does it take you to fix a puncture?

About ten minutes.

If you could wave a magic wand, and make something better about cycling, what would it be?

Make all drivers have to spend 50% of their commute on bikes.

Who would your ideal tandem partner be?

Etta James.

What's your favourite pre/post cycling food?