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Meet the Team - James Richardson

James Richardson is the lead mechanic at our Bike Back project

How are you connected to Life Cycle?

I am Bike Back's lead mechanic.

What's your earliest cycling memory?

I can't remember!

What was your first bike?

A Raleigh Chopper

What would your dream bike be?

My bike! I always dream about it.

What are your favourite cycling routes in Bristol/UK?

To the Forest of Dean, ride around, cafe, then back home.

How long does it take you to fix a puncture?

5 minutes.

If you could wave a magic wand, and make something better about cycling, what would it be?

Really accurate weather forecast so I know what to take, and no psychotic drivers!

Who would your ideal tandem partner be?

Bill Bailey to sing and tell jokes.

What's your favourite pre/post cycling food?

Weetabix and toast, then sushi.

What's your best cycling related joke?

'Do you fish?' Good, then there is a place for you on the front! - to someone in a group who hides on the back