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Love cycling? Pass in on!

Has the New Year got you reflecting on your career prospects? Those looking for rewarding part-time work have a fantastic opportunity to re-train and start a career in cycling with Life Cycle. If you want to be more active, love working outdoors and want to pass on skills, confidence and independence, then why not train with us? 

In advance of our next National Standard Cycle Instructor course (running from Monday 11th - Tuesday 19th February), we caught up with some of Life Cycle’s own instructors to find out why they love what they do:

Meet the Cycle Instructors


 Mike mainly teaches adults in bespoke, 1-to-1 sessions

Why do you like being a cycle instructor?
"Every person is different, so I enjoy the variety. I work with people of all abilities - from those that can’t ride at all to people who are pretty advanced. It’s great seeing people build up their confidence. In particular, helping people learn to ride from scratch is so exhilarating for me, as well as for them. I feel I am giving them something they didn’t have before – whether that’s confidence, knowledge or more freedom".

Why do you think it’s important to have cycle training?
"A lot of people feel they don’t know what they should be doing on the road. Having someone experienced to reassure them makes a huge difference to their confidence and enjoyment".

 Fi teaches Bikeabilty to school-age children

Why do you like being a cycle instructor?
"I like working outdoors. Being able to cycle everywhere as part of the job is brilliant for me. I also love working with children: They make you smile, they come out with great stuff - it really lifts your mood if you’re feeling rubbish. It’s great seeing them progress – especially the ones who are a bit nervous when they first start out. By the end of the course you can really see their confidence has grown. It’s super rewarding and great fun".

Why do you think it’s important to have cycle training?
"Cycle training is more than just learning to ride on the road. The kids learn decision making skills, self-awareness and how to communicate effectively. They are able to practice looking after themselves and being responsible. It’s life skills and well as cycle skills!"

 Polly does 1-to-1 lessons and works as a ride leader

Why is it so important to teach people to cycle?
"Cycling adds so much to my life - it is my therapy and it improves my mood. Looking at the bigger picture I see cycling as catalyst to solving many of society’s problems - be it cutting down pollution, helping people get active or bringing communities closer. It has been wonderful to see more people cycling, with better cycle paths and incentives to promote cycling, such as free cycle training, low cost bikes and led rides".

Care to join us?

We are recruiting for freelance cycle instructors in Swindon, and North Somerset – if you or anyone you know if interested in training/applying, please get in touch:

0117 353 4580


Cycle instructor key facts


What is the ‘National Standard’?

The Government’s ‘national standard for cycle training’ sets out the skills and understanding needed to cycle safely and responsibly - and to enable others to do so. The standard provides the basis for Bikeability and a range of adult cycle training programmes. 

Life Cycle was a part of the working group that created the National Standard and we’ve been providing accredited training and professional development for cycle instructors since 2001. We work on behalf of local authorities, charities, businesses and social enterprises, NHS Trusts, and for numerous individuals who want to develop a career as a cycle instructor.

What does a cycle instructor do?

Qualified NSIs (National Standard Cycle Instructors) can work anywhere in the UK – teaching children in schools (Bikeability), or providing training for adults and young people. Life Cycle’s instructors provide Bikeability training and 1:1 adult cycle training. Some go on to train as Ride Leaders, heading up our supported group rides for vulnerable adults.

How do I train?

To deliver Bikeability courses you will need to have successfully completed a National Standard Instructor qualification (NSI).  Instructors can work in schools if they are either provisionally qualified (NSIP) or fully qualified (NSIQ). Life Cycle’s NSI course comprehensively covers the theory and practice of teaching children and adults to ride safely on road, to the official standards set by the Department for Transport.

On successful completion of the course you will be provisionally accredited. You will become fully qualified only after completing a probationary period during which you are observed teaching. Life Cycle can also provide this service.

What will I learn?

Our four day course covers essential issues such as risk assessment, insurance, child protection, teaching techniques and client care. The course is taught as a mixture of classroom-based theory and on-the-bike practical assessments.

What can I earn?

Fully qualified instructors who work for Life Cycle earn £12 per hour.

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