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Life Cycle Derby Round Up

Spring is finally here in Derby and with it the cyclists are coming out to play! We have had a large number of donations this month and are looking forward to having the bikes fixed up and getting them out to the local community. We have also started planting at the workshop so we can have beautiful fresh additions to our lunch, though we hear our neighbours are planning to outdo us.

We donated some of our spare bikes to another great bike recycling project in Sheffield. Comac takes in and fixes up unwanted bikes to give to asylum seekers in Sheffield. It is entirely run by volunteers and encourages asylum seekers to get involved in the project and learn maintenance skills to fix up their own bike and others. We also donated a load of spent inner tubes to the Krizevak Project who shipped them off to partner projects in Africa where they were made into protective phone cases under the Cycle of Good label.


Our workshop is finally settling down again after the big redesign. The space looks great and we can access everything with far more ease now we have cleared out some of our old parts during the successful bike jumble. There are still a few bits to finish off but we are open again for business. Our next step is to get started providing maintenance courses and finding out how the space works with six students in it. 

Derby now has the first of the free cycle parking installed thanks to the Take a Stand scheme. They have gone to Padley Group and Upbeat Communities, two great organisations. We hope to get more stand out over the summer and help people keep their bikes safe in Derby City.