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Life Cycle and Lockdown #3

Young woman cycling in an urban setting wearing a mask

Since the latest lockdown was announced, we’ve been studying the rules carefully. We're glad that the Government continues to recognise the importance of cycling, both for safe local travel and for maintaining good physical and mental health. The good news is that Life Cycle can continue helping those who want to cycle through the lockdown. Our workshops in Bristol and Derby will stay open for Bike sales and servicing. One-to-one Cycle Buddies sessions can also continue safely.

Sadly, some services must pause under the current regulations. This includes group rides and some of our training courses. Most of our inclusive cycling activities must be put on hold, however, we can continue to offer one-to-one cycling opportunities to our existing participants.

Click here for a full list of our services and how they are affected.

We know this lockdown will be challenging for everyone. Where possible we will signpost participants to activities that can remain open, and we will stay in close contact with the most vulnerable. Cycling has helped many of us endure the most stressful times, so we aim to keep as many people riding as we can.

The charity enters lockdown #3 in a stable financial position. Whilst reduced delivery will be challenging, we can still run more activities than in lockdown #1. We have previously been able to unlock COVID support funding and we will make further use of the furlough scheme wherever sensible, to ensure we keep all staff on the payroll, ready for a full re-opening of services later in 2021.

We want to thank our wonderful supporters and our amazing staff and volunteers for keeping the wheels turning. Despite the hardships of the pandemic we have pulled together and been able to continue our important work in local communities. This year we hope to see even greater take-up of cycling than in 2020. Our mission to help more people get cycling to transform lives and the environment has never been more important.

How you can help

We know times are tough, but if you can help to keep the wheels turning it would make a huge difference! There are lots of ways you can support us:

Your kind support will help us continue to change lives in the communities we work in. We would be so grateful for any help you can give.

Thank you, stay safe and we hope to see you before too long.

The Life Cycle UK team.