Lands End - John O Groats "With my eyes shut!"

Lands End to John O Groats "With My Eyes Shut"

Huge congratulations to regular "Two's Company" back-rider Steve Ewens, who has successfully completed a gruelling Lands End to John O Groats ride on a tandem piloted by his brother - raising almost £4,000 for Life Cycle along the way!

Steve is one of the many blind or visually-impaired people who come out cycling on the back of a tandem with Life Cycle UK's pioneering Two's Company project. The project enlists the help of sighted volunteers to offer a regular programme of healthy, sociable group tandem rides to those who are unable to ride a bike independently.

Like many of our riders, Steve found that joining Two’s Company unlocked a whole new world of experiences, friendships and fun that he never imagined possible:

I suppose it all started about 3 years ago when I was sat at home not doing very much. I came across an email inviting visually-impaired people to try their hand at riding on the back of a tandem. Being visually-impaired can be an isolating experience. There are many barriers (both physical and psychological) which can prevent you from getting out and playing an active part in society. One particular challenge is to get outside, exercise and keep fit.

I had not been on a bike for 15 years since losing my eyesight. It was with some trepidation, therefore, that I came along to a "taster" session, wondering what I was letting myself in for. From the moment I got on the bike, however, I was hooked! It gave me back my freedom and it was amazing to be cycling again. Since then, I haven't looked back, so to speak. This was my first step towards accepting my blindness and looking for all the opportunities available to me as a visually impaired person. It really was the key to a whole new world!”

I have Life Cycle to thank for figuratively opening my eyes to a whole range of experiences that have enriched my life since I took that first step. Having benefitted so much from what Life Cycle has given me I wanted to give something back…and this seemed the perfect way to do it.

If you would like to make a donation in support of Steve's efforts, you can do so via his Justgiving page.