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It’s time to get back in the saddle!

We believe cycling is the simplest and most fun way to get fresh air and exercise. However, many adults have not cycled for years and lack confidence. Getting back on a bike can feel daunting without the right support.

Here at Life Cycle we understand the barriers to making cycling a regular activity: there’s getting hold of a roadworthy bike and then finding a quiet place to practice. For some, riding on roads is a big step: Getting some pointers on effective braking, using gears, signalling safely and planning the best routes can really help.

Introducing: our FREE Returners course 

Our free Returners Course offers friendly and supportive tuition in all these areas, helping people to gradually boost their skills and confidence. Once you feel comfortable on a bike again, you can come out on one of our relaxed group rides to practice your skills and explore new places. Initially, we are trialling the scheme in Bristol.

“Our Returner’s Course is the perfect way to get back into cycling. It’s supportive, unhurried and gives you everything you need to be a competent cyclist – including basic cycle mechanics like fixing a puncture. The group rides are a real treat at the end, giving you a taste of the beautiful cycle rides Bristol has to offer” - Fi, cycle instructor

Whatever your reasons for restarting cycling – whether it’s wanting to commute by bike, boost your fitness, or simply explore the countryside - this course will help you achieve your goals.

How we help: Ali’s story

Ali hadn’t cycled for 15 years and was keen to get started again. However, she did not feel confident enough to go out with her partner – a very ‘serious’ cyclist. We lent her an electric bike for the first few sessions, while she got to grips with the basics. Once she was more confident she purchased one of our affordable refurbished bikes and started riding outside of the course sessions:

“My world feels expanded… the fact that I've now had some very good sessions, bought a new bike and got on it a few times has already been great progress… I can’t wait to do more” – Ali

Get involved!

We are actively recruiting participants for our first course now: to sign up you must be aged 18+ (there's no upper age limit), live in Bristol, and have learned to ride a bike at some point in your life.  That's it!

Get in touch today: email office@lifecycleuk.org.uk or call 0117 353 4580.