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Inspiring the next generation of bike mechanics

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Whether it's ride-or-die long-distance weekend riding, daily cycle commute or short rides with the kids, doing the work we do makes it impossible not to want a bike in your life! The key thing that connects everyone at Life Cycle UK is a shared passion for seeing a love of cycling - or even just the ability to cycle - transform lives. 

Nowhere is this clearer than in our work with young students. We started working with City of Bristol College at the end of 2020 and since then we’ve helped 13 students to gain skills, experience and qualifications in something they absolutely love doing. It’s been amazing to watch their self-confidence grow, leading to further learning and development opportunities - and even new job prospects. 

Will’s story

We recently had the pleasure of working with 23-year-old Bristol Supported Internship student, Will. Due to being mildly autistic and having some learning challenges, gaining independence has always been difficult for him. However, he was determined to make it happen. 

Will has always loved the freedom of cycling. He also likes to discover how things work, but a lack of confidence stopped him from doing this with his own bike. With the support of our Mechanics Tutor James, Will made incredible progress; his confidence grew, his personality started shining through and he showed a real aptitude for mechanical skills. 

The supportive and flexible working environment we are so proud of here at Life Cycle UK, combined with Will’s motivation, perseverance and desire to learn, has lead him to into paid work, doing what he loves! 

We were able to adapt the work we gave Will to help him meet the skills requirements of his new employer. This helped him to make a successful start in paid employment - and towards achieving independence. Will has taken it all in his stride and is so happy to be doing something he enjoys so much. 

Mitch’s story

Mitch had a tougher-than-most start to life and looked to bike mechanics tuition as the last chance to keep his place at college. He joined us in November 2020 and it quickly became obvious that he has a real talent for fixing bikes. 

Up until Mitch joined us, he was a “lone-fixer”; he didn’t know anyone else who was into fixing bikes and he just did the repairs and adjustments he needed to do on his own bike. It was only when he joined us at Life Cycle UK that he felt he truly belonged. 

Through learning new skills, growing in confidence and smashing through his City & Guilds Level 1 qualification Mitch is now a highly skilled bike mechanic. We are now supporting him through his Level 2 qualification - which isn’t officially part of his course! This will get him nationally-recognised, industry-standard qualification that can help him achieve his dream job.  

Working with talented, driven and enthusiastic young people like Will and Mitch is a huge privilege. They experience the fulfilment of changing their lives through connecting with their passion - and we get to know that the cycling sector is one skilled mechanic richer.

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