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Ice: make your journey by alternative means

If you decide that finding an alternative mode of travel is the right thing for you to do, the most important thing to do is to plan ahead. Get to know what the alternatives are, then choose the one which works best for you. The links contained in the following may be of use to those in the Greater Bristol area. We also encourage employers to advertise the bus and train services which are available locally to them on their intranet. This list also includes references to the Bristol Ferry Service, the various car share schemes as well as taxi sharing.

Don't travel at all:

This will depend on your personal circumstances, and your work circumstances. Obviously, some people work in jobs where they need to be at work, and have to make every effort to get there. There will be other jobs which are – perhaps – more 'back-office', where it may well be possible for an employee to negotiate with an employer an alternative to making a journey at all. Our advice to employers is to be tolerant of employees who can't get in, and to help them to plan for the alternatives. Our advice to employees is to have the conversation with your employer early. Find out if working from home is possible, and if it is, sort out the details.


Walking is an alternative to cycling. We would point out that there are hazards associated with walking to work, and numbers of incidents. We will leave it to others to highlight any tips for walking (although Charlie uses a walking stick, when it is really icy!)


While we wouldn’t want to promote driving, we tell people not to ‘beat themselves up’ if they choose to do so. In fact, when we try to get people cycling in the first place, one of the things we say is ‘ok take thebus/car on wet days’ (Life Cycle Cycling seminar, slide 18).

Public transport

Buses in Bristol:

UWE Wessex Red bus service

First Bus

Search Wessex Connect

Bristol City Council


South Gloucestershire

North Somerset

Travel West

Train services:

National Rail 

First Great Western


There is of course a much loved ferry service in the harbour of central Bristol. 

Car sharing:

There are some Bristol wide schemes, but it may be that schemes run by individual employers will be of more use.

Bristol City Council

Lift Share

Car Clubs- You have to be a member of car clubs to use them, but they are an excellent alternative for the occasional vehicle user


There are a significant number of taxi firms in the Greater Bristol area, and it is not the purpose of this analysis to recommend any particular one. However, taxi and sharing taxi may be a workable alternative for some people. We would however refer you to Bristol City Council guidance about taxis and the following link about travelling safely by taxi