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Guide Dogs and Tandems


Our “Two’s Company” project organises joyful days out riding tandems for visually impaired adults and children. We are so lucky to have a team of dedicated volunteers who ride at the front so that our visually impaired riders can enjoy liberating, life-enhancing experiences on two wheels.

So how do you become a Two’s Company volunteer?

Our volunteers are sociable, friendly, keen cyclists - and want to give something back. We offer full training to anyone who joins our volunteer team – and that’s where the Guide Dogs come in!

Last year the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association heard about our work. Charlotte Stephens, the “My Guide Service Manager”, came to meet some of our riders on one of our regular forays into the countryside. She was so impressed she immediately wanted to help: She suggested offering My Guide training to our volunteers too!

My Guide is a service run by Guide Dogs to train volunteers in sighted guiding techniques. They match each volunteer with a visually impaired person from their local area, then to take them out and about, building up their confidence and independence.

Maeve Kearney, My Guide Volunteer Manager, said:

“We’re delighted to partner with Life Cycle UK to train their fantastic tandem volunteers in sighted guiding techniques. It’s a fun, interactive training session, giving people the key skills to safely guide someone with a vision impairment.”

Hannah was one of the first Two’s Company volunteers to be trained. She said:

“I was very excited about starting as a tandem front rider and looking forward to helping others to enjoy cycling that wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Guide Dogs taught me the skills and gave me confidence to meet and support visually impaired people.”  

Robin Lapworth, Life Cycle’s Two’s Company Coordinator said:

“It’s been brilliant having expert help from Guide Dogs. We want to offer a professional training experience to all our volunteers but as a small charity we often struggle to find the time, and training venues all cost money, so this has been a great opportunity for us.”  

As well as relying on our fantastic volunteers to help us run this life-changing project, we offer all tandem rides free of charge – so that no one is excluded by their income. If you’d like to support our work, please consider making a donation via Just Giving. Click here to support Two’s Company with a donation.

Click here to find out more about Two’s Company – whether that’s as a volunteer or a visually impaired rider.