A good transport plan for Bristol

Over the last 18 months I have been attending the Green Capital Partnership Sustainable Transport Action Group or STAG for short. One of the key focusses of STAG over the period has been the development of the Good Transport Plan. The idea originally came from the Bristol Food Network who pioneered the good food plan, to bring together disparate voices in the City to agree a shared vision on food issues.

The Good Transport Plan aims to do something different, as there are of course local authority transport plans in existence already which outline how infrastructure will be built and managed in order to keep traffic moving. During early discussions when we were trying to agree the aim of the Good Transport Plan it was agreed that we weren’t trying to duplicate or even provide an alternative to these plans. What we wanted to achieve was something visionary for the City.

Almost everyone I meet has an opinion on transport issues and the ways of addressing congestion, traffic calming, parking, bus issues, cycling etc. Personally, I can find such conversations quite dispiriting as it seems that the creation of a long-term sustainable transport future is not very high on many people’s agendas. In creating the Good Transport Plan we really wanted to try to develop something unique, something that hasn’t been done before, something that can inspire change. The Good Transport Plan aims to bring about a change in mood and culture around transport and enthuse people about sustainable transport and the options we have as a city wide community for creating better transport.

As part of Bristol Green Capital, Sustrans agreed to take the lead on developing the plan, with organisations like Life Cycle, First Bus and the Civic society contributing ideas and suggestions to the vision. After many months and many drafts, we agreed a version of the Good Transport Plan that could go out to the wider public for consultation. So now is your opportunity to share your view and to contribute to the vision of good transport culture in Bristol.

Please take a minute to complete the survey: https://goo.gl/ZD08JD