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Get your team cycling - and fight climate change


The IPCC’s shocking report* on climate change left many of us wondering what we can do to tackle such a huge problem. Whilst the UK has outsourced much of its carbon footprint to less developed countries, transport is one of the few areas where dangerous emissions and pollution levels are still increasing in our own neighbourhoods. 

The facts are eye opening and even terrifying, but it is abundantly clear that simple solutions exist. Here at Life Cycle we want to tackle increasingly dangerous levels of air pollution by supporting people to make more journeys by bike. Whilst the majority of our work is with individuals, we are eager to team up with local businesses to help provide practical support to greater numbers of people. 

“It takes but one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of change” - Donna Brazile


We know that if everyone swapped just one motor vehicle journey per week for a cycle ride, the difference would be incredible…


Be the catalyst for change

For almost 20 years, Life Cycle has been giving people the skills and tools to feel confident about getting on a bike whenever they want, wherever they want. Our free urban cycle skills tuition and high-quality, affordable refurbished bikes provide a straightforward, low-cost way of getting started. We can even offer taster sessions on electric bikes for people who live or work in Bristol.

We also help more experienced cyclists with free advanced urban cycle skills sessions. And no matter what your ability, we’ll support you to plan and then ride the best routes for you – whether you want 'quiet and scenic', 'fast and direct' – or something in between.

Help us reach even more people

1.  Start cycling
Boost your green credentials by encouraging your staff and customers to cycle. There are some simple, low-cost ways of doing this, such as installing our free cycle stands. These Sheffield stands are solid and secure, giving piece of mind to staff and customers. Plus, the simple act of enabling people to cycle to your premises and park safely leads to a healthier workforce and brings business straight to your doorstep. 

2.  Keep cycling
People often stop cycling if something goes wrong with their bike. Booking a Dr Bike surgery enables staff and customers to get their bikes fixed for free on your premises. A surgery can be a great addition to a special event, or a simple lunchtime activity that brings your team together. Either way, everyone rides away on a safe, smooth-rolling bicycle. 

3.  Love cycling
Cycling is a simple, low-cost and healthy solution to the growing air quality crisis. A small change from each of us can make a huge difference. So why not ask your team to try cycling once a week and see what happens? With the right support from Life Cycle, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can do, and how much you enjoy it!

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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports

*Read a brief summary of the findings here
*Read the full report here.