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A gentle return to cycling for over 50s

Calling all over 50s who want to get back into cycling – but need a little help getting started!

Thanks to new funding we have extended our ‘Cycle Buddies’ scheme, and this summer we’re inviting you to join in.

Why get involved?

Perhaps you used to love cycling, but you’re out of practice and lacking in confidence. Maybe you’re looking for a low-cost way to take some gentle exercise. Or, you could be looking to explore new places but don’t feel comfortable cycling alone. Either way, if you’re interested in getting out on two wheels in friendly company then this is for you!

Evie joined our Buddy scheme when it first began – and hasn’t looked back since:

“I stopped cycling about 25 years ago as I was starting to develop arthritis in both knees. I don't drive and I didn't have the confidence to find routes on my own. When I found out about the Buddy Scheme, I was overjoyed! The bike I have now is electric and my cycle buddy is amazing. She is a fantastic teacher, brilliant at instilling confidence and such good fun”.

How will my buddy help me?

Your cycle buddy will be another ‘over 50’ who lives locally. They are confident riders who love cycling and want to share their knowledge with others. Together you’ll explore the local area by bike at a relaxed and unhurried pace. You’ll enjoy gentle bike rides together and gradually build your cycling skills as you go:

“The buddy scheme was a convenient way for me to get involved with cycling. Riding certainly helps with mental health and I've learned about the off-road routes in Bristol which give you an alternative perspective on the city. I enjoyed my bike buddy’s company and conversation and I've gained a new acquaintance into my social circle” - Anja

Why do I do if I don’t have a bike? 

If you want to get involved but don’t have a set of wheels, Life Cycle can help! We can help you borrow a bike (including electric bikes), or you can buy one of our affordable, professionally refurbished bikes.

All our buddies receive training before they start the scheme. Life Cycle will:

  • Connect you with a friendly buddy from your neighbourhood;
  • Provide free access to an electric or regular bike, and;
  • Share information about local cycle paths and quiet routes to try.

“I feel fitter, with an increased sense of wellbeing” – Rick

“I now have the confidence to visit family and friends by bike. It's given me a new lease of life!” - Leroy

If you would like to be connected with a cycle buddy, please contact Julie on 0117 353 4580 or email julie@lifecycleuk.org.uk.